Friday, January 9, 2009

Updated To-Do Lists

Last night, Maid of Honour (MOH) Joce & I went to look at bridesmaid gowns. After seeing all the super-cute bridesmaid gowns that are just regular dresses that girls wear on the wedding day, I had been looking around at stores as the Christmas dresses were being cleared out. However, I was unable to find a dress that did not scream "Christmas" or "holidays" or "New Year's Eve". So, I went back to the only real bridal store in town to look at dresses again.

This store carries After Six, Alred Angelo, and others. We looked at a couple Alfred Angelo dresses. In retrospect, maybe we should have looked at a couple After Six dresses; their dresses are so nice and flowy. But there were 3 Alfred Angelo dresses we liked - I let MOH have veto power, too. Honestly, I was trying to canvas my bridesmaids as much as possible about the different styles they would prefer to wear. It may be my wedding, but if they're shelling out $200 (egad! I'm asking my friends to pay that much for me?!) then I should at least make sure they'll like what they're wearing.

I've never been a bridesmaid. I can't wait to be one - to have that honour, to plan my friend's bridal shower, to have fun planning the games, to plan and go on her bachelorette party, and to wear a fun, matching dress. I love bridesmaids' dresses. I love taffeta, silk, organza, and I do enjoy pouffy, over-the-top silhouettes. And I look forward to wearing one. But I'm asking my bridesmaids to get their feedback, so they can wear something they like.

Here are some of the things my bridesmaids like / dislike:
-MOH Joce does not like much ornamentation, but she does like detailing (pick-ups, ruching, etc.).
-BM Emily does not like bows or sparkles on the front of dresses.
-BM Emily didn't like bows in the back of the dress, either.
-BM Kristy does not like low-cut ... well, none of the girls particularly like low-cut tops, but Kristy (ahem) really doesn't appreciate it!
-BM Kristy & Emily don't like low backs.
-No one seems to have a huge preference between floor length and tea length
-All 4 ladies have told me whatever I decide is fine (well, that may be, but I want them to be happy!)

Hence why my January poll (I seem to put up a poll every other month) is about dresses. Readers, tell me what you would like to wear as a bridesmaid!


Blablover5 said...

I always liked something simple and straightforward with an A-line.

Personally I love V necks but I am not so well endowed in the front unlike the bride whose wedding I was in and based upon her input I wore a scoopneck. It was all right.

Are they all gonna wear the same dress or are you open to different ideas? If so maybe you could ask them to find a dress on-line or in department stores that they love and that is so them then try to meet in the middle.

Jenna said...

Krista, the post is going up tomorrow, but you won the Green Bride Guide book giveaway!

Email me your mailing address so I can send it your way! thatbride at gmail dot com