Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do something good for someone good!

I received this email from The Broke-Ass Bride, aka Dana aka Miss Meatball:

Please forgive the mass mailing. It ain't usually our style, but we're in a tight competition and we're pulling out all the stops! This may be our only shot at a proper honeymoon, so we really need your help to make it happen!
For the next eight days we need your votes via the Trees Instead Website, to help us win a free honeymoon and a plethora of eco-responsible prizes! Each day we will send you the link to the page and the answers to the questions, so all you have to do is click, fill in a few words and vote.
We were kicking butt, but our competition is a pastor who seems to have gotten his entire congregation voting for him, and now we're down 300 votes. Our only shot is consistent voting via the website. If we get your vote each day we think we have a good shot at winning.
For those of you who don't know: Hunter and I are finalists in a contest to win a honeymoon to Costa Rica and have trees planted in the names of all our wedding guests. For those of you who do and have been voting, Thank you Thank you!
You can vote once a day on their website from any IP address (IE vote once from home and once from the office:-) The best part is you don't have to register anywhere or give your contact info away. Just fill in and click submit! In only 2 minutes each day, you could really change our lives!
The Link and the answers:
On their website: *VOTE THROUGH JAN. 29*
Go to
Note that the questions change up every other day or so...
Today's Answers: Name of the Couple: Hunter Stiebel and Dana LaRue
Wedding date: May 24, 2009
Where is the TI Planting Location in ALASKA: Friends For a Green Alaska Reforestation Effort
Title of Valentines Day Page: Go Green for Valentines Day
Sentence Below the Title @ the plant a memorial tree in israel: Plant a tree in Memory of a loved one in the Holy Land
What would you rather give, flowers or a tree as a sympathy gift (this one is up to you:-): Yes or No
You are amazing for helping us out. Well, heck you're amazing without helping us, but you're just that much more dashing now! Please pass this along to anyone you think would like to help a couple who are full of love, and feel free to post it anywhere you think would be helpful! :)
Thanks again,
Dana (aka Broke-Ass Bride and Miss Meatball), and Hunter

P.S. The Broke-Ass Bride is also a great blogger and resource, so if you haven't already, go check her out!


AmyJean said...

I've been voting daily (or trying - weekends i sometimes forget)... but i think nobody deserves it more than Miss Meatball and her lovely Hunter! GO TEAM MEATBALL!!!

Krista said...

Indeed - since I found out, I think I missed 2 days voting on the website (I missed facebook a bunch at first b/c I thought you cuold only vote once on facebook, not once / day). So we're doing our part, eh? :)

Rachel said...

Is she posting about this on her blog too??? I haven't been over there in a while....

Krista said...

She has posted a couple times on it. How awesome would that be!

Dana said...

Thank you for your amazing support, Krista! You're my hero! :) oxox

Krista said...

Wow, I've never been a hero before :)

Krista said...

(Cue Bette Middler singing)