Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Spoiler Warning: Floral Centrepieces 3

There's even less to show you of the final of the tall centrepieces - remember the orchids and hydrangeas? - this one has only one picture.

And this one was almost as easy as the hydrangeas.

I started with:
-3 eiffel vases
-Dozen silk peonies ($6.99 each, I think, but again, I'd have to check)
-2 hangy thingies, each having several hangies (you'll see what I mean in the picture; $9.99 each)

I put the peonies in the vase. I cut the hangy thingies of the branch, and spread them around the peonies.

And I came up with this:

So I call these vases the "peonies with tendrils" because I don't know else to describe them.

What do you think of the "tendrils"?


melissa said...

I take back my comment on version 2. I love these! Especially the "hangy thingies" - they really balance the tall vase.

melissa said...

I was thinking about it some more... While I love the peonies the best I think it would work to have all 3 versions spread out around the room. Since they are all white they are tied together. I think having different decor makes people take notice and mingle around the room to take at look and admire all of the variety. Well, maybe not everyone will mingle around the room to check them all out - some may not even notice at all. But I would notice and appreciate.

Remember- Do what makes you the happiest, it is YOUR wedding!!

Krista said...

Hmm ... I think I really love the hangy thingies, too.

As for deciding amongst the flowers, I am undecided between the hydrangeas & peonies as to which I love best (though I do like the orchids, too - especially the hanging orchids). But I'm going to use all 3 types of centrepieces. We're going to have long tables, so I can just spread them out.

I think having the orchids, hydrangeas & peonies is too "schizophrenic" (for lack of a better / correct word, though I realize this word can be offensive). But I've already made the vases, so I'm going to use them! And spread them out. They're all white, so (I think) it'll be fine.

Thanks for your comments, Melissa! And thanks to Cyd, EliandMe, London bride, Mademoisellechitchat, Jest, Carly, Peonies and Polaroids, AmyJean & Bridechka for your helpful comments and feedback.

Bella said...

I love all of the center pieces so far! I love the hydrangeas the most...but I love those period! It'll all be lovely on your big day!

EliandMe said...

1. These are also great. I now don't know which of the tall centerpieces is my favourite.
2. You say 'schizophrenic' ... I say interesting, eclectic, lush, real? I can't think of the right word either but basically the opposite of the sterile 'all petals must be the same size and growing at the same angle' look.
3. Stop being so organised. You are making me look bad ;)

Jenny said...

Love it!! So different and lovely!

PS. We have the same kitchen chairs! Ha!

Krista said...

EliandMe - you're right, I didn't pick the right word. I want it to look eclectic, lush, different, but not all-over-the-place / mixed up / as if I couldn't decide which look I wanted so I picked all 3.