Monday, January 19, 2009

Thanks for the feedback!

I appreciate everyone's comments on yesterday's post.

To clarify a few things:

  • MOH Joce helped me eliminate the search from about 15 dresses (which she tried on!) to those 3. We both had "veto" power. MOH eliminated two v-neck styles. (I comment on that because the majority of you have voted you yourselves would prefer a v-neck style.)
  • Dress 3 comes with a built-in crinoline; hence the extra fullness.
  • Only 2 of the 4 bridal party members have tried on those 3 dresses: MOH Joce and BM Emily. MOH Joce preferred to fullness of dress 3, but really liked all 3 of the dresses. BM Emily liked dresses 1 and 2 best, but she really looked amazing in dress 2.
  • I was worried that dress 3 would look like too formal.
  • I have emailed to all 4 ladies that they may choose between dresses 1 and 2. In the email, I sent a list of the closest stores they can contact to try them on. For BMs Emily & Kristy, they both had about 10 shops to choose from. For MOH Joce, there are 2 local shops. And BM Crystal has 1 shop, which is unfortunate, but I figure maybe I can convince her that means she needs to visit me soon to try on the dress here! :)

Oh, and I am still seriously thinking of what some have suggested (including a girl at the bridal shop) to let MOH Joce wear dress 3. I'm not sure; she'd look so different from the others. Maybe she could wear dress 1 or 2 with a crinoline for a little more fullness. What do you think?

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London bride said...

For the MOH are you going to have a different bouquet? Or perhaps you could get a contrasting ribbon to tie round her waist to make her different. Or shawls? Could be slightly different for MOH and bridesmaids? Hope that helps a little!