Monday, January 12, 2009

A Practical Wedding: Sponsored Post: Free Wedding Dress Giveaway

For those who are still looking for a wedding dress, or wouldn't mind a second dress, or (like me) are doubting their first dress, there's a contest to win a free wedding dress from

I found out about it from Meg, at A Practical Wedding.

You can enter once every day until February 28th. Click here to enter the contest!

So along with your voting for The Broke-Ass Bride every day (until January 31) to win her a honeymoon, you can also vote for yourself every day (until February 28).

So what are you waiting for? Get voting!


AmyJean said...

And you can enter daily per email address... lol! that is so cool! :)

PS. Love the support for BrokeA$$ :)


Krista said...

Are you saying you have more than one email address, AmyJean? :)

Joce said...

Your dress is BEAUTIFUL!!! No second guessing!

If you win another dress, then can I wear your "discards"??