Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spoiler Warning: Centrepieces (Part 2)

In addition to the orchid centrepieces, I made 3 tall white peony centrepieces and 3 tall white hydrangea centrepieces.

For the hydrangea centrepieces, I needed:
-15 silk hydrangea stems ($8.49 and $9.99 at Michaels, all purchased 50% off)
-Glue gun & lots of glue gun glue
-3 tall Effeil vases (will check the price next time I'm at Michael's)

This project was easier than the orchids. I started with the hydrangeas and removed some of the excess stems.

The hydrangeas are on the left in the above photo

The hydrangea centrepiece is on the left (beside an unfinished orchid centrepiece)

So, now I have a question: what do you think? Obviously, the tall centrepieces will be spread out amongst the many short (very short) centrepieces. These centrepieces look very different. Will they look weird or out of place to be in the same room as each other? (They will be long tables)


London bride said...

I think I'd need to see a photo to see how they'd look. But just thinking about it I think it'll be great, it'll give your guests something to look at whilst the overall image has all these beautiful tall centrepieces.

mademoisellechitchat said...

Go with the one on the right. ;)

I read your comments on The Introverted Wife's blog. Try taking about 7-10 photos ahead of time and create an entry saying, "These are the photos that I posting prior to my honeymoon."

Krista said...

mademoisellechitchat - not a bad idea about the picture posting when I'm away on my honeymoon!

Jest said...

I think they'll look great. It's very creative. Peonies are my favourite flowers, so I'm all for anything that involves them. They're so beautiful!

AmyJean said...

VERY NICE!!! I like it! :)

Bridechka said...

wow these look great! very impressive

Carly said...

i may be outnumbered, but i really love the hydrangea centerpiece even better than the orchid centerpiece. judging from your one picture (which it's hard to tell), i don't feel like they really "match", per say. however, is it that important that they match? they blend nicely together and i think they will compliment each other. congrats on a project well done!

Krista said...

I go back and forth on which one I like better.

Carly said...

Got your responses on my blog. I'm glad to hear of your decisions! I think everything is going to look very beautiful!

melissa said...

I like the orchids. but maybe that suggests to tropical of a theme? Mixing these two would also be complimentary. They look great and tall vases always look so elegant to me.