Friday, January 2, 2009

"Apparently we've started a trend"

On Christmas Eve, my friend and bridesmaid Crystal got engaged. In October, my friend and bridesmaid Kristy got engaged. And on New Year's Eve, my cousin T (who, according to family legend, at one time vowed to never get married) proposed to his girl-friend J.

I told Wade about this latest engagement, and his response was that he thinks we've started a trend.

Yeah, Wade, it was all us.

J showing off her ring:


Krista said...

P.S.1 Since my cousin & his fiancee don't know about this blog, and since they currently live in the middle east, I won't provide their first names.

P.S.2 Even though it's Friday, since it's the holiday season, I shall refrain from a fugly post!

jane in the waiting line said...

send your trend this way ;)

Carly said...

It seems you guys have started a trend! I like this post.

And J's ring is so pretty!

melissa said...

How funny. Many of my friends and family all seemed to be getting engaged around the same time as well. I used to think I was left out - but it just came a few years later.

Sarah said...

Z and I got engaged last New Year's Eve ... within the next month my brother and my best friend both got engaged (not to each other) ... this time of year is engagement season I guess.

Thanks for all your comments on my blog yesterday!

Cyd said...

hahaha sooo funny! Yes yes, Wade, you originated the engagement concept! ;-) I have to say though, I do love being of the age when everyone is getting married and engaged, it is so exciting!

Krista said...

@jane - I don't know how to send it your way! You'll have to ask Wade.
@melissa - I wouldn't have thought you were "left out" - getting is a personal decision, and a life-changing, personal decision. I don't think everyone considers the impact with the seriousness it deserves.
@Sarah - you're welcome - and I think you're right, it's engagement "season". A time of reflection, a time of celebration - it's no wonder there are so many engagements around now.
@Cyd - agreed - on both points!