Friday, January 9, 2009

Fugly Fridays 4:

Isn't this a charming picture?


Yes, this is the exact image we'd all hoped the photographer would catch on our wedding day. Clearly, his rude action turned his bride into a screaming banshee (as demonstrated through her screaming monster look).


Cyd said...

Classy! hahaha

AmyJean said...

Seriously, i ditto Cyd's comment. LOL


Jest said...

Is the bride screaming or yawning? Either way, it's a great picture.

Carly said...

I second Jest. Is she yawning? And hubby's hand gesture is pure class.

It kinda reminds me of 7th grade when all the boys in my class would flick off the camera to be "cool".

Krista said...

I think she's yawning, to be honest. But I like to think her new husband's rudeness turned her into a yelling monster.