Saturday, January 3, 2009

Safety Saturdays!

Women love candles.

It's true. It's such a girly thing to like candles, but yet so many non-girly women I know also like candles. Candles are a ubiquitous hostess gift. They are used to create a soft glow, a romantic ambiance, a relaxing bath, and so many other reasons.

But most of us are bad about leaving the room "for just a minute" with a candle lit.


Jenny.Lee said...

I am so bad about that. I do love candles though, they were the staple item that I HAD TO HAVE for our wedding! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

AmyJean said...

KRISTA! thank you so much for pointing out this safety tip... i'm in love with candles, and i often walk out of room when they are lit :)

PS. Also thanks for pointing out that i had forgotten to add you to my Link Library. I've got you on my daily blog roll, so i thought i had added you already... I'm so glad I got that straightened out... I love your blog!!!


PS. Sometimes if you click on the title of the particular post you want to read, it'll open up and then you can click on the "read more" feature... let me know if that helps :)

Krista said...

I'll admit, I did it last night. I ran up the stairs to grab something & ran back down - knowing it's bad to leave the room. I was only out of site of the candle for literally 10 seconds - you can see the candle from the stairs. However, when I got back down, it occurred to me how that was a silly decision. It takes one second to blow the candles out and another 5 to 10 seconds to relight the candles (they were four tea lights in a candle holder). So the next time I left the room, I blew the candles out then relit them later.

Jest said...

I am guilty of this for sure, thanks for the tip!