Monday, November 3, 2008

Goals for my wedding:

1. Get married (is that an obvious goal?! but let's put things in perspective here)

2. Look good (yep, that's a vain goal, but I'll be having my hair done, I'll be wearing make-up, and I'll be wearing a pretty dress, so it is a goal most brides have)

3. Take some beautiful pictures to commemorate the day

4. Have a meaningful conversation with ALL guests (is that a lofty goal?)

5. Have fun

6. Eat good food

7. Dance

8. Make each guest feel as if they are part of a special day

9. Not get drunk (I want to drink in everything experience-wise that day, and I find my memory is not as acute after a few glasses of wine)

10. Not stress (hopefully by planning in advance, ensuring every vendor, member of the wedding party, and anyone else who needs to know the plan, and then letting go on the day)

Note those goals are not in order of importance, except number 1.

... Is there anything else I should add?


Guilty Secret said...

This is a great list. I guess mine are similar. 4 is going to be difficult, though, I'll settle for 8.

Krista said...

I think you're right. 4 might have to become "say hello to every guest"! But I can still try!