Wednesday, November 19, 2008

... If I could hold a bouquet everyday, I'd be tempted to ...

The first florist, Pam's Flowers, says that they won't be able to get local peonies on our wedding date. I find that confusing, because they will be coming in by that time. Regardless, it's about what their supplier can supply, so there's no sense worrying about it. The shipped peonies, wherever they come from, are smaller than our local peonies. He didn't say why, but I suspect it's because the flowers have to be picked a little earlier in preparation for shipping.

Pam's can also get David Austin roses (also called English roses). I have no idea what variety of Austin roses they would get, but that is an option.

The second florist, Paradiso, can get peonies, but I did not think to ask if they would be as big as the local peonies. They can't get the Austin roses, but for a back-up idea (just in case peonies don't come through), she offered to do clusters of ranunculus (click here or here for images).

While this decision is hard (for me), at least I know that I'll be in good hands regardless of which florist I choose.


the pissed off bride said...

it is so nice to have options. it takes the stress off. btw, love ranunculus.

to answer your question about the link. I got it from . I will shoot the exact link to u later tonight.

enjoy the rest of ur day!

Cyd said...

When is your wedding date again? I forget! I think I will be completely out of luck on peonies in mid-July, but I've been eying up David Austin and other varieties of garden roses, too, and I think they are a great backup choice!