Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Daylight savings time

Daylight savings time* ended this past week-end. We used to change earlier in October, but when the U.S. moved their time change later in the Fall, we followed suit to avoid confusion with international business. We now make the "Spring forward" earlier now, in March, also to be in sync with them.

The time change messed up our Hallowe'en (the second since we started the later change). Where I live, kids used to start trick-or-treating sometime between 5:30 and 6:00, when it was good and dark. Since it didn't get dark until an hour later (after 6:30) this Hallowe'en, kids were only starting to trickle out at 6:30! They stayed out later, too - just a few years ago, it was unheard of to still be trick-or-treating at 8:00, but we got a handful of trick-or-treaters close to 8:30. Not a big deal since Hallowe'en was on a Friday this year, but it might be difficult on week nights!

Anyway, just my rant about the time changes affect on Hallowe'en.

Now the reason why I am writing this post. Normally, the week, or even 2 or 3 weeks, after the time change in the fall, I feel so much more rested. It's great!

Not this year. I struggled to get out of bed on Monday and again today. I was trying to figure out why ... Now I think my body must be fighting something off. Why else would I be so exhausted? Dammit - It's flu season. I hate being sick. So I had extra berries today (natural vitamin C), chicken noodle soup (always good for you) and will go to bed early (sleep is a great way to boost your immune system). Here's hoping I stop this virus!

*The province of Saskatchewan does not observe daylight savings time, but most of the Canada's provinces do.

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