Sunday, November 2, 2008

Put on your dancin' shoes!

We booked the d.j. today. The cost'll be $625 total, which is about $25-75 more than many other d.j.s in the area. They are one of the best known d.j. services in the area ... okay, they're the only d.j. company I know, so I'm assuming that makes them well known (it's not like I exactly have my finger on the pulse of local d.j.s). They're reputable in this city and they were specifically recommended to us by the manager of our reception venue.

They have a very professional website, with the exception of a couple of cheesy recommendations from two local celebrities, Kirk Muller (a hockey player who won a Stanely Cup in the NHL) and Dan Aykroyd (a comedian who was known for SNL, Ghostbusters, supporting UFOs and, at least when I was younger and used to go clubbing, frequenting the dance clubs in Kingston). Some people find such endorsements compelling, but I do not; this form of advertisement just amused me a tad and bothered me a bit.

I could do the increasingly popular ipod wedding, but that would require buying or borrowing an ipod or mp3 player, downloading a lot of music (I was really into downloading music, but haven't really downloaded since shortly after napster was shut down ... if that gives you an idea of the last time I downloaded music, it was sometime in late 2001, and I no longer have any songs on my computer), setting up a playlist and hoping nothing malfunctioned. If I had an ipod or other mp3 player, and was still into downloading music off the internet, I might consider this option. But since I don't and I'm not, I don't think this is the option for us.

I have no idea if that price is reasonble compared to other cities, but it is reasonable in this area. As I said, it's only a tiny bit more than the average d.j.'s cost, but the average d.j. is one man who is a private endeavour, whose equipment may or may not be the highest quality, whose music selection may not be that big, and who may or may not be experienced in reading the crowd. I would much rather book a reputable d.j., who is experienced with weddings and who knows our reception venue.

Not to mention, this company d.j.'ed a friend's wedding just over 3 years ago, and the d.j. was amazing. It was a great night of dancing - the bride and groom shut down the dance floor at just after 1 am!

I can't remember why Sarah (in pink), Wendy (bridesmaid in blue) and I (in the black dress with white daisies) decided to try to pull up Jane's (in white) dress to reveal her crinoline!

This is what the guests thought of the d.j. at the end of the night.


Carly said...

Oh my goodness, I just learned a bunch of things I never knew about Dan Aykroyd!! Congrats on booking a dj! That's not an easy task. We are still trying to decide between a band and a dj.

Krista said...

Yep, we Kingstonians have few celebrities, so we obsess over the ones we do have!

I wasn't sure about going the band route. It does seem so fun to have live musicians, but also so much work (to audition bands, decide on the sound, and so on).

Guilty Secret said...

It's great you found someone you know you can be confident in. I think it's going to be a great party!