Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sweet girl!

I received a very panicked email from a bridesmaid the other day. She is also a maid of honour (MOH) in another wedding, two months after mine.

It seems this bridesmaid was thinking of going on a week-long vacation a full month before the other wedding. She was very concerned about the obligations of a MOH. Does she HAVE to ensure she's around at all times the month before a wedding to prepare for her friend's wedding? She truly wanted to know, and she knew I had the Emily Post Institute's etiquette guide.

I told her that she is not at the bride's beck-and-call a month before the wedding.

I gave her a link to the knot's list of MOH resposibilities, but I pointed out that technically (at least according to some of the etiquette advice I've read) the MOH / bridesmaids do not have to throw a bridal shower. It's nice if they can, and though many brides expect it, it is actually not a requirement (etiquette-wise).

I wouldn't expect my bridesmaids or MOH to be at my beck-and-call a month before hand! Sure, I'd like the ladies to help out when they can, but I'd hardly consider it a hardship if either my MOH or any of the bridesmaids was gone on a week-long vacation the month before the wedding. I mean, think of how many bridesmaids don't live in the same city as some brides.

What do you think? Good advice? And isn't she so sweet just to think about her friends so far in advance?


Cyd said...

Excellent advice, I say! Bridesmaids are not our own taffeta-bedecked soldiers in a little bridal army. I realize other brides may disagree, but at least that's how I see it...she sounds like a fabulous friend!

Krista said...

I love your idea of a bridal army ... Hmm ... maybe army print bridesmaid dresses?! :)
She is a fabulous gal!

Guilty Secret said...

I agree, sweet of her to ask, but it would be ridiculous of your friend to think she could dictate when her maid of honour could holiday.

Krista said...

Agreed, guilty.