Friday, November 28, 2008

I bought my wedding dress on etsy

... Okay, I didn't. But I could have. This week's last etsy post will be on wedding dresses.

This is one of the cheapest wedding dresses I found on etsy (other than a few "only used once" dresses for $10 to $50 ... um ... earth to sellers: most wedding dresses are only used once. That's sort of the purpose of wedding dresses. The fact that they were "only worn once" qualifies them as a "used" or "gently worn" or "previously used" dress. Whatever term you want. But don't tell me that it was "only worn once" as if that's a selling feature.) This dress is from tailormadegowns, a seller in Hong Kong, where clothing and seamstresses are cheap (or so I've heard). There are, in my opinion, two drawbacks to this seller: first, that the seller has only been on etsy since November 24, and second, that the seller has not yet had a sell (largely due to only being a seller for four days). The dress is pretty, if it is quite ornate.

This dress is quite a good price (for a wedding dress) at $575 from Of course, that's waaaay more than I'd ever spend on a normal dress. But a good price for a wedding dress. And isn't the picture stunning? I almost want to ask the name of the photographer!

This dress is normally $650, from In honour of American Black Friday, it's $450 for today only.

These dresses are just 3 of those available from The dress on the left is $4500, the centre dress is $6500, and the dress on the right is $5500. That is, quite honestly, waaaay more than I spent on my dress, but aren't these stunning?!

And finally, this dress is a very cheap $50, available through
I guess I should mention, this dress is only available in sizes for Barbie!

Friday's hint of the day: Look for the date the seller joined etsy available under the seller information. Also look at their rating, which is the feedback from individuals who have purchased from that seller. After you make a purchase through etsy, you have an opportunity to evaluate that seller, which is published in that seller's profile. The longer they've been with etsy and the more positive ratings they receive, the more reliable you know the seller is. If someone has a negative experience, or don't get any item they've ordered, it can be reported to etsy for action.


Jenny said...

I wanna see your dress!

Krista said...


Peonies and Polaroids said...

That second picture is gorgeous! I was just thinking last night about a huge poofy tulle dress that I fell in love with. The Boy hated it with a passion though so it went on the 'no' list. I'm kind of sad I'll never get a chance to wear one though!

Krista said...

You never know ... maybe you'll get invited to a ball or something, where the only appropriate thing to wear is a poofy tulle dress? Maybe? Doubtful, but you never know!

a london bride said...

The second dress is fabulous, wow! Thanks for popping by my blog :) I'd never found Etsy until after I'd found my dress but there are some amazing things on there aren't there!

The Pissed Off Bride said...

Of course I like one of the most expensive dresses there. $5500. Geez!!! Love the lace though.

Krista said...

Isn't that the way it works, Pissed-Off Bride? :)