Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ah, that's so sweet

I won a blog award! I was nominated by Cyd from The Sweetest Occassion. Cyd's blog is fabulous, and I'm so flattered to be nominated! If you haven't gone to The Sweetest Occassion before, you should go. Now. I'll be here.

There, isn't that an amazing blog? Did you happen to see how many posts I've commented on!

(If you didn't go, shame on you ... you simply must go after you've read my blog today.)

Click here to see the rest of the nominees. I am also regular blog stalkers on most of the rest of those blogs, and may in fact become blog stalkers for the remaining two!

The Uber (AKA Super) Amazing Blog Award is a blog award given to sites who:
-Inspire you
-Make you smile and laugh
-Or maybe gives amazing information
-A great read
-Has an amazing design
-And any other reason you can think of that makes them uber amazing!

The rules of the award are:
-Put the logo on your blog or post
-Nominate a minimum of 5 blogs
-Let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog
-Share the love and link to this post and the person you received your award from

And now, my nominations ... Seriously, these are some pretty amazing ladies, and they're just such amazing reads!

Krista's Nominations...
And she's rambling again (for being honest and funny!)
(Bride.) (for her inspiration)
The Broke-Ass Bride (for making me laugh ... a lot)
A Disney Wedding (for her Disney goodness, neat projects & fun outlet)
Westside Bride (for making me laugh & inspired)

I tried not to repeat a nomination, but I have a couple other favourites. Look in my daily reading in the lefthand column to see who else I read daily.


Carly said...

Thanks for the nomination, Krista!! It makes me happy that you enjoy reading my blog - yay!

Krista said...

Good! And your post today, about compatibility, made my day! Messy organization. I love it! I have been an organized mess since at least 1995.

Cyd said...

Such a fun little blog award, right? :-)

Krista said...

oh so fun!

Jenny said...

Thank you so much for the nomination! That was so sweet! I am happy that you like my blog! And I'm glad you appreciate my honesty...and that you think I'm funny! Hehe.. I just got back from vacation, this was such a nice surprise!!