Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My mom & I met with the second florist today (called Paradiso). Last week, we went to Pam's Flowers. These are probably the only two florists I'll consider. Paradiso is only a few years old, and the designer there creates some really fun and fresh designs. Pam's Flowers is a very established florist with a solid reputation, but while they are tried & true, they are more traditional in their designs.

I have received a quote from Pam's, and am waiting for the quote from Paradiso. Once I get that, I will mull over my decision. I think I'll have lovely flowers no matter which florist I choose.

I would love to get flowers like this:
but it may not be possible (for a variety of reasons, which I'll discuss later this week).


Jenny said...

Ooohh! Are those peonies?? I LOVE peonies! I'm going to have those too. My bouquet will be all white-round and delicate. And my girls will have white and blush. Love it!

An Atlanta Bride said...

I wanted an all white peony bouquet just like this one but due to them not being in full bloom during the season that I am getting married, I had to find an alternative : (

Krista said...

There are lots of peony alternatives! I've done a post on some of the many options, but I didn't include all the possibilities. Hydrangeas, David Austin roses, carnations, ranunculus, and some many other flowers can make a lush bouquet.

AmyJean said...

Those are beautiful!

Cyd said...

I am head over heels in love with peonies. *sigh*

Anyway, Bonnie Castle is actually just a resort that overlooks Boldt Castle - there isn't an actual castle named Bonnie. (Weird, right?) The second castle is Singer Castle on Dark Island! It was actually privately owned (as a hunting lodge!) for most of its existence and just opened to the public a few years ago.