Monday, November 24, 2008

Etsy goodness: ring pillows (& some pillow alternatives)

etsy is a site where crafty and creative people can register to sell their homemade goods, and people who are less crafty and creative can come to buy those goods. Sellers may be anywhere; I've seen sellers in: Canada, The States, Great Britain, Singapore and the Czech Republic. etsy is relatively secure, but it is truly seller dependent. I buy from sellers that use paypal, a secure webpage, rather than sellers who prefer cheques (or as Americans spell it, checks).

And without further adieu, some great (and some not-so-great) ring pillows available on etsy!

Seller Creative Bridal has about a thousand ring pillow, ranging from traditional to ... let's use the word "different" to describe some of their pillows. I am showcasing two fairly traditional pillows, the first costs $28 and the second costs $35, followed by a Hallowe'en themed-pillow for $38.

Mrs Sew And Sew has this ring pillow, which kinda reminds me of ring bearer pillows that I would have seen in the '80s. This pillow is $25:

Emici Bridal sells "heirloom bridal accessories". Though I don't know I would call an ostrich-feather inspired pillow ($65) on the left "heirloom" (maybe vintage, but not heirloom). The centre pillow ($25) initially repulsed me, but something about the embroidery definitely reminds me of an heirloom that Great-Grandma made. While I'm not a fun of bubblegum pink, it might be lovely in the right wedding (or in a different colour in my wedding). The pillow on the right ($33) seems more contemporary to me, not heirloom, but I like it. It just doesn't seem as heirloom-y charming as the centre pilow.

For the redneck-inspired John Deere-themed wedding, this pillow (from avysm) is perfect for $23.99!

Are you having a Mardi Gras themed wedding? This pillow would be ... no, it would still be over-the-top. It's available for $27.95 for seller Shabee Stiches:

From 2have2hold, this satiny pillow sells for $65:

Easter Yu has alternative ring pillows ... so alternative, you can choose from stacks of birch ($10), fake bird's nests ($27), or beds of moss ($30)! I'll be honest, I can't decide if I like these or not.

For the pirate wedding (arr, matey!), store your rings in a treasure chest. This ring treasure chest is available from kpdream for $21:

Most wedding bloggers have come across paloma's nest, purveyor of ring pillow alternatives. Here are two samples from the shop (prices from $18-23):

Seller tinarie21, sells fairly traditional ring pillows with a flowery embellishment. The left pillow sells for $38, and the second pillow for $46, the third pillow for $45, and the fourth pillow for $44:

Monday's hint: the closer the seller, the smaller your carbon footprint. The further an item is shipped, the greater the pollution generated by the plane or vehicles that transport your item.


Krista said...

Well ... what do you like? You might have gathered which ones I like more (and which ones I like less) than others.

Blablover5 said...

Ooh I love the Halloween spider web pillow. I have to share that one with a fellow halloween bride.

Leslie said...

I would have definitely had a pillow like the John Deere one at my wedding had I known about it then. Although my ringbearer was a bit small (only 4 months), I would have found some way to work it in. My husband would have been so proud.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the toile one!! Etsy = love!

Jenny said...

I bought one of the bowls from paloma'a nest for my MOH Bella. It reads Bella {heart} Ryan 1.31.2009 I gave it to her for her shower and she LOVES it!!

I'm lucky enough to have my great grandma's ring bearer pillow that she made. I'll be posting it soon!

Krista said...
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Krista said...

@Leslie - that would have been something to see!
@Grosgrain - there is something charming about the toile look
@Jenny - wow, I can't believe you'll be able to use your great grandma's ring pillow!

Adrienne said...

Oh I love that damask pillow, and I definitely need to get me one of those ring bowls!!!

Jenny said...

I'm really lucky..!

I emailed you on your gmail the link to my dress!