Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Table Numbers

Martha Stewart, the goddess of arts and crafts, posted this good thing, an idea to ensure your table numbers are as lovely as the tables themselves.

Isn't that idea too cute?

And, to save us from hiring a calligrapher to create our own numbers, Martha Stewart posted the templates for these lovelies here.

Thanks, Martha!


Rachel said...

Oh, these are really cool!! Thanks for posting them - just what I needed!

By the way - yes, we're seating around 134-135 guests, and the extra meals are for the vendors. And actually, since we're going to have about 5 small children at the wedding, we're only budgeting about 135 main courses with enough veggies on the side for 140. The reason we're getting away with that is that the grilled chicken breast portions are 2 pieces.

Hope this helps!

Carly said...

Ooh, I love these! I've been brainstorming table number concepts lately. I think I like these the best. Thanks, Krista (and Martha Stewart Weddings)!!

Cyd said...

Martha makes my world go 'round.