Friday, December 19, 2008

Not-so-Fugly Friday: "Rings that I do Like"

Here's a post to serve as a counter-post to today's Fugly Friday post. "Rings that I do like."

To counter the 1.5 carat heart-shaped ring from Zales, I like the 1.5 carat pear-shaped ring from Zales for $9899: I also like the 1.5 carat marquise ring from Zales for $6899 (you may recall that Zales has a 3+ year payment plan): For those who find the marquise cut too "pointy" but don't like the pear-shape, this 1.5 carat oval-cut ring from Zales is another lovely option for $6899:

As an alternative to the identity-crisis crossover band, I would go for one of these three options (left is $349, centre is $379, right is $999) all from the The Shopping Channel:

For the final ring, which is multiple smaller diamonds grouped together to give the appearance of a larger diamond, I didn't like the shape (square diamonds making a rectangular shape). However, I like this ring from Charm ($799):

Just some ideas, to give you an idea of what I do like. So you don't think I'm totally negative.


London bride said...

Good choices, especially with the comparisons! Looking forward to seeing what your ring looks like too. And of course hearing about how you got it!

Krista said...

Haha ... at the rate I'm going in telling this story, it'll be a while. It takes me a while to get to the point sometimes.
Happy Christmas, London Bride! :)

Jest said...

Those are all beautiful. I really like the cross-over bands, so pretty and different.

Krista said...

Aren't they? I like them all, too. I think the one on the right is my favourite, but I like the gold one (it's so bright and shiny) and the black diamond ring is very different. But, of course, I'm biased - I picked them, after all.

Bella said...

I love that last one! I have always loved princess cut - but my fiance and I never even spoke of marriage or rings before he proposed (I guess we both just knew that we both wanted it!).

My ring is an octillion cut diamond and I love it! I can't wait to wear my wedding band with it too!

I'm am planning on taking some pictures of it outside tomorrow with the Weddingbeepro tips... I'm excited!!! :-)

Love the engagement stories by the way!

Carly said...

I originally wanted an asscher cut diamond or emerald cut. So pretty.

I like the crossover bands. They remind me of my wedding band, which we finally picked up from the jeweler's today :)