Sunday, December 21, 2008

Engagement Story (Part 3)

"And now temporarily back to our regularly scheduled programming"

I emailed the jeweller with a ring that I liked. This is the exact image that I emailed him:
I sent it one week, and we were going in that Saturday to discuss different designs.

The wax ring is an outline of a design. It is used as a cheap mock-up of the design. It can be easily made and changed until you get the design you want. Here are examples of wax rings:

The jeweller showed me a wax wax ring. The side of the ring was perfect, but the stone was "sideways", which I didn't love. In case you aren't sure what I mean by sideways, this is what I mean:

After explaining what I was looking for, the jeweller said he'd look for something else. Frankly, I was impressed by how quickly he was able to get the wax ring of different designs. I went back to swooning over that incredibly expensive ring with the amazing setting that Wade would not pay for. (Don't think this is one of those fairy tales where he saves us and buys the incredibly expensive ring for his beloved. Wade doesn't work that way.) Anyway, it was a pretty ring.

That's when the jeweller reminded me that I could get the diamond in that ring changed. The diamond in the setting was a 0.67 carat nearly perfect diamond. It was VVS1 and around a D or E colour.

As the jeweller had told me before, the diamond in the settings can all be changed. The diamond in that ring, he explained, was nearly perfect. A diamond with a lesser clarity and colour would still look perfect to the naked eye if the cut is done properly. He gave the example of an SI2 or I1 clarity with a colour of H, I or J. You or I wouldn't be able to tell the difference, even under magnification. He said a trained eye would be able to spot the difference only under a magnifying glass.

But the ring didn't have the side profile I liked. It had little diamonds in the side, kinda like this ring from Charm:
The jeweller took the ring away to look at it, but I wasn't quite sure what he was doing.

He came back saying that he could remove those little diamonds and expose the side of the ring.

To be continued again ...

Update: This ring looking started in September or August 2007. I emailed the jeweller November 5, and we met with him on November 10. Remember our "engagiversary" was December 15. What happened in the meantime? You'll have to wait until after Christmas to find out! This week will be devoted to Christmas posts!


Jest said...

This jeweler sounds amazing and helpful, how nice for you guys!

EliandMe said...

That last pic is just like my e ring! Which, obviously, I love.

AmyJean said...

I love how detailed the jeweler is in the picking process... i'm loving the setting styles so far!

AmyJean said...

PS. I also agree, sideways is ok, but not my taste either! :)

Cyd said...

Boooo! I don't behave well when posed with cliff hangers! ;-)

melissa said...

Arg. I agree with Cyd. You gotta give us something soon.

I also agree that the sideways setting is odd. I prefer a more classic look.

The Pissed Off Bride said...

Sounds like you have a great jewler. They are very hard to come by.

I seen so many jewlers before I find the right one.

Also, great choice. Pretty ring!