Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tell what do you think?

I'm trying to think about accessories for me and for my bridesmaids. I know, I know, I haven't picked out the bridesmaid dresses yet, but I want to have ideas of the styles.

So ... what do you think?

Let me know which of these clutches (if any) you prefer:
1. Aldo bowtie clutch (gold or silver)
2. Aldo funky zipper clutch (black or red)
3. Payless clutch (lace)
4. Aldo snap kiss-lock clutch (bone)
If you don't like any of these clutches, feel free to let me know what you do like.

Let me know which of this jewellery you prefer (max 3):
1. Aldo bowtie necklace (gold or silver)
2. Aldo "rose" necklace
3. Beaded necklace (etsy seller juliejongleuse)
4. Aldo colourful bracelets (black, gold or purple)
5. Sears beaded bracelet
6. Dangling earrings (etsy seller firelilyjewelrygems)
7. Drop earrings (etsy seller kaskaad)

These items are just meant to give me an idea of what accessories I should pick, if I want a cohesive look. The other option is just get everyone to accessorize themselves! After all, they all are stylish ladies.


Bella said...

I am torn between the bowtie purse and the last white or ivory colored one. I think I'm leaning toward the bowtie clutch though!

I also adore those dangling earrings by firelilyjewelrygems!!! They are so cute!

Cyd said...

I am all about the last clutch (4) from Aldo, the Aldo rose necklace and the last two pairs of earrings on Etsy. I love pretty accessories!

Emily said...

I love the first purse (the bowtie clutch). I don't mind the last one. Can't say I care for the two in the middle.... :)

As for the jewellery, I really like the "beaded necklace" (#3), and the earrings are pretty, though I'd have to repierce my ears to wear them....:)

EliandMe said...

I like the bowtie clutch and the bow necklace, classy and themed without being too themey.

London bride said...

Bowtie clutch or snap kiss lock clutch. On jewellery, last two earrings. But not sure how well these go with the clutches I've picked!

Crystal said...

Hey Krista, I like the first bowtie clutch and my 2nd choice would be the last one.

For the jewellery, I like the last earrings and I also like both bracelets.

Thanks for the congrats, will definitely learn a lot from you!! take care.