Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Engagement Story (final)

And to finish off the Engagement Story (you can read the "cliffhangers" from parts one, two, three and four):

Well, let me lead up to Christmas (remember how I didn't want to be proposed to on Christmas):

Usually the week-end or two before Christmas, my parents have a big Christmas party. There's lots of food - veggie trays, shrimp trays, pastries, cheese, followed by either a roast, cold cuts or lasagna for dinner, then chocolates, baked goods, and various other dessert items. They've been doing it as long as I can remember. Family, friends, family-friends - everyone's there. Well, last year it was two week-ends before Christmas (Saturday, December 15).

Wade lives in my hometown, so while I lived 180 km, I was home (well, at Wade's our house) for that week-end. The day of the party, I had picked up most of my Christmas gifts and was going to wrap all of them (or as many as I could!) before it was time to head over to my parents' house. I really enjoy wrapping gifts, but I'm not that good at it. Oh well! I sitting on the floor, almost done wrapping, when Wade came down to have me "chat" with my stuffed giraffe, Twiga (named after one of the giraffes at the Toronto Zoo). Yep, we're nuts, we play with a couple of my stuffed animals.

(This is Twiga, in case you wanted to meet my beloved giraffe. My Twiga has lopsided ears, like the real Twiga.)

Anyway, I'm wrapping, and Twiga wants a kiss. This may seem odd to you, but it was in fact quite normal for us. So I give Twiga a kiss and go back to wrapping. And Wade's pretending to talk to Twiga. Again, normal for us.

I don't remember the entire conversation, but here's an exerpt from Wade's conversation with Twiga (Twiga whispers into Wade's ear, apparently, and Wade repeated her answer to me):
-What's that, Twiga?
(Pause and listen)
-Krista's going to be the centre of attention at her parent's party tonight?
[My birthday had been 6 days before, and I hadn't seen anyone in my family in about a month.]
-What's that, Twiga? What?
(Confused look)
-Krista can't call me her boy-friend anymore? Huh?
At this point, I looked up. I had been sitting on the floor to wrap the presents, so I sat on the couch next to Wade. Wade shows me Twiga, and points at her horn. Yep, the ring was there. And had been there for the past 5-10 minutes.

So that's how it happened.


Krista said...

10 minutes later, Wade realized I'd never said "yes", which distressed him. (I had just held out my finger for him to put the ring on and then kissed him.)

That's when I realized he'd never gotten down on one knee, so I pointed it out.

[Later he said, Twiga got on one knee for him, bowing down to offer the ring. Yeah, that's Wade.]

So he took the ring back (which I was NOT impressed about) and got on one knee and I said "yes". And got to put the ring back on.

EliandMe said...

Awwwwwwwwww! Too cute x

AmyJean said...

That is sooooooooooo cute! I love how he uses Twiga... so so cute!


London bride said...

What a wonderful story and thank-you for introducing us to Twiga!

Chris said...

That was very cool!

Bella said... dang cute! I love it!

Secret be told...we have a specific voice for Mason (the dog) that we only speak to eachother in...I have let it slip before and Ryan tells me to shhh....ha!

Jest said...

Ha! I wanted to hear the ending of this story for so long. That's really cute and sweet. Thanks for sharing.

Krista said...

I'm glad you seemed to enjoy it. I thought it'd be so silly that you'd all think we're nuts.

LB & AmyJean - I'm glad you like Twiga!
Bella - I won't share your secret ;)
Jest - I didn't realize how much you (and others) were awaiting the end of the looong story!

Brittany said...

Just as a side note.... giraffes happen to be my favourite animal. My (now) fiancee took me to the TZ for the day after "adopting a giraffe" in my name. We got a behind the scenes tour at the zoo and I got to feed Stripes, Ginetta and Twiga up close and personal. I have several pictures of my fiancee down on one knee asking me to marry him in front of Twiga. I suppose she brought love to both of us, just in different ways! =)

Brittany said...

P.S. I'm getting married June 2 this year (2012) =)

Jim Whitey said...

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