Wednesday, December 31, 2008

new year's eve wishes, resolutions & other ramblings

Like most years, I am having difficulty thinking of a resolution. I could set my goal to lose the weight I gained over Christmas (woops - I was at my goal weight.) I could resolve to get more fit & toned. I could set a goal to invest more money in my RSPs (similar to the IRAs or 401(k) in the USA or the ISAs in the UK). Or maybe my resolution should be to plan my wedding.

But I've already set these goals for myself.

I almost don't believe in "resolutions". Most people's resolutions seem to fail by the end of January. How many people say they're going to get in shape this year, only to stop going to the gym by Valentine's Day? Or quit smoking, but start puffing before the first month of the year is even over.

Instead, I set long-term goals as I need them. I've spent the last year and a half losing weight. Very slowly, much more slowly than 1 pound per week. But it was continuously going down (well, mostly continuously going down) until a couple week's ago when I reached my goal weight - since Christmas, I now have to get back to goal weight. I also want to become more fit, and that is something I've been struggling with. I have bursts of a month of being good, then I'll be lazy for a month. I just signed up for a twice a week aerobics class, and Wade & I will be doing our once a week ball hockey (yep, in a school gymnasium and everything). If I can be motivated to even do one at-home work-out or video per week, that'll give me four solid (one-hour) work-outs a week.

But those aren't my resolutions. Just goals. Yes, I know you might point out that resolutions are goals. They somehow feel different to me, and I feel like my success is more likely if it's just a goal instead of a resolution.

So what will my resolution be? Maybe I won't have one. I don't have one every year.

Or maybe I should make my resolution something that I know (or highly anticipate) will happen. So, my resolution could be to get married in 2009 (specifically June 6th). Then I have a higher likelihood of success.

But that feels like a cop out.
So maybe I should just go another year without a resolution - just spend a little time reflecting, think about my goals for 2009 (and longer-term) and call it a day.


Krista said...

Has anyone thought about their resolutions? How did you decide your resolution?

Miss Shugarman said...

i'm all about resolutions (then again, i'm basically all about any holiday tradition ;) )

I like to set FUN resolutions.
For example, this year started with:
Drink more wine!
and Become a Better Story Teller!(you can see more on my side bar on a sweet wife)

I like to choose things I want to do/imrpove on that i know i will enjoy. Basically, promises to myself to make it a good year- ya know>?

Krista said...

Not a bad idea.
Hmm ... that puts a different spin on it :)