Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Other reasons I like December!

More birthdays to celebrate in December!

Today would have been my Nanny's (grandmother) birthday. She'd have been 85 (I think). As her only granddaughter, and since we shared a birth-month, she gave me her birthstone ring about 10 years ago. With her arthritis, she couldn't wear that ring any longer. It was very meaningful when she gave it to me. I may not remember her age, but I always remember her birthday. And think of her.

Today also would have been my first dog's birthday. Chu Chu was a lhasa apso, who today would have been 210 in dog years (or 30 human years). She was 14 when she died. Her name was Chinese, but we don't know what it meant. Chu Chu was a very good dog, a very protective dog who seemed to think of my brothers and I as her children. In all honesty, I probably only remember her birthday because it was the same as my Nanny's. She was my first dog friend, and I loved her. (Aside: We had no way of knowing second dog's birthday (Tippy) because she was adopted from an owner who couldn't handle her. And my parent's current dog (Yogi) was adopted from the humane society (the dog was abandoned there), so her exact birthday is unknown, too.)

Today is also Britney Spears's 27th birthday:

I am not a huge fan of Britney Spears (though I did like her back in the "Hit Me Baby" days). I remember her exact birthday and age because my friend Teresa was born the exact same day in the exact same year. I've known Teresa since grade 2. Which works out to 20 years. Wow, that's a long time to know someone. Teresa is my much older and wiser friend. A whole week older!

So, Happy 27th Birthday, Teresa!

This picture is from Teresa's wedding in August 2006. This isn't the most flattering picture - a woman who is that voluptuous should NOT have been photographed squatting by the flower girls. But I assure you it was a lovely ceremony (although it was very quick - this girl is not a big fan of being the centre of attention).


Krista said...

Look at that grin on the older bridesmaids' face. I bet it's because she's holding Teresa's flowers (and Teresa's holding hers).

By the way, during the flower toss, Teresa threw the flowers so hard they flew straight back and smacked the wall clear on the other side of the room. And I ran to get it! Muwahaha!

My Dream Ring said...

I love December also, My b-day is December 4th, I'll be 27 as well!

Carly said...

December is one of my favorite months! Christmas trees, family, good food, and a chill in the air. Oh, I love it!

And many happy birthdays all around to you and your loved ones!