Friday, December 19, 2008

Fugly Fridays 3: Jewellery

Well, I am running out of content for Fugly Fridays. The reason is that I am trying to differentiate between what is truly ugly and what is personal taste. There is a huge difference, and I don't wish to insult someone's style because it's not mine! I think we would all agree that last week's Mother-of-the-Bride and the first week's brides were just ugly. But sometimes what someone thinks is ugly is actually just not their taste.

I'm going to do a post on engagement rings that I find tacky, clichéd, or otherwise dislike.

This ring is a cliché. I don't particularly like hearts, but I outright dislike heart-shaped diamonds. I find myself surpressing an urge to gag when I see someone wearing this:
Source: Zales. This ring is available for $12,899 USD, or if you have a Zales card, you can get it for $387 per month. If you somehow got a zero-interest Zales card, it'll only take 33 1/3 months to pay off. So this ring will take you 3 years to pay for!

This ring looks like the designer could not decide on which style, so a multi-styled ring was created. I don't like the ring because it looks like someone couldn't decide on what they wanted, so it became a hodgepodge:
Source: The Shopping Channel. This ring is just $119. That's because it's made with authentic diamonelle. Diamonelle is The Shopping Channel's own brand of cubic zirconia.

I don't actually mind the next ring. In fact, it's not bad! I just find that the type of woman who wears this style is often wearing lots of other jewellery. You know, with an average of 4 rings per hand, and possible a couple strands around the neck, or one strand with several pendants. And too much jewellery looks gaudy together.
Source: Charm. This ring sells for $999.

This ring isn't bad. I just think it's too big. Unless you're 6'2" and have a large frame, this ring has huge potential to look big and out-of-place. You know, where the ring extends to your knuckle:
Source: This ring is "just" $14,400. I presume that's American dollars.

I'm not sure what it is I don't like about this ring. I suspect it's that it's the square (rings) meshed into a rectangular shape. I'm picky that way. I like emerald-cut, princess cut and even (in the right setting) oval-cut. But this is just all over the place. It's princess-cut in an uneven setting (2x3) trying to emulate an emerald cut.
Source: Charm. This ring sells for $799. That's one major advantage of having several smaller diamonds into a ring: you save a lot of money.

What do you think of my ugly-ring pronouncements? Do you have any fugly rings to share? Send me the link in the comments section or email me the file: a (dot) canadian (dot) bride (at) gmail (dot) com.

I'll return to my regularly scheduled engagement story on Sunday.


Bridechka said...

I hear ya! I hate heart shaped diamonds!

Cyd said...

Ohhhh my goodness gracious. I concur on every single point! I am so so glad I didn't end up the unfortunate girl offered one of those rings stuck battling my morals as to whether or not I should suck it up and wear it because of what it means or cry and beg for a new one.

Krista said...

hehe ... I knew Wade would never get me one of these rings. I am so particular, that we had to go ring-looking so that he knew my tastes.
But what if we didn't do? I'd probably have been so swept up in emotions of the proposal that I'd have accepted it. But then I'd look at it closely later ... and I don't know what I'd do. I'm glad I was not in that situation!

Jest said...

That heart shape ring is quite tacky, agreed!
I used to work as a teller at a bank and I had this one customer come up to me with a ridiculously huge rock on her finger. It was just ugly in my opinion. For some unknown reason, she started telling me all about her ring and how much it cost her husband and how she has more of them at home. It was weird. And so unnecessary.

Krista said...

How awkward! She probably saw you look at it, and assumed you must be jealous. WRONG!

Carly said...

Those are all fugly rings indeed! Yikes!!!