Friday, December 12, 2008

Fugly Fridays 2: Mother-of-the-bride

Today's "fugly fridays" is on the theme of mother-of-the-bride dresses. As you may have noticed, mother of the bride dresses (and mother of the groom dresses) tend to look like this:

which on real people (not models), turns into this:

and this:

Doesn't everyone look happy? I think so. These women may be traditional and conservative, but I'm thinking the clothing is similar to what they would wear to any formal occassion.

However, this look is not for every mother of the bride / mother of the groom. Here's proof:

Yes, that is the mother of the bride, who forgot to put a top over her push-up bra.

Update: did anyone notice that in the normal family photo (second photo in the post, with the bride & groom, both parents, bride's sister, groom's brother and groom's grandmother) the mother of the groom was wearing ivory? I only posted the picture looking at the mother of the bride (in the blue dress), but upon looking more closely, I noticed the mother of the groom is in an ivory dress.


Paisley said...

OMG that lady did forget her top. And her daughter forgot many sections of her dress! I'm struggling with this exact issue right now too! (finding a good MOB outfit that is, not forgetting how to wear my clothing)

Krista said...

Haha ... I'm glad to hear you haven't forgot how to wear your clothing.

I think the v-necks can be flattering on most women, as can portrait collars. My mom has been looking at v-necks (I'm going to show a portrait collar to my mom, too). I find it weird that my mom wants me to look at styles, when honestly, as long as she feels beautiful, then I'm fine with it. My mom has good taste, so as long as she feels good, I'm happy!

Jest said...

How old are the people in that last picture?? The bride looks about 12. (A very provocative 12 year old, mind you.) What's wrong with the nice pink number with the umbrella, I ask you? Haha.

Cyd said...

Ahhhhh! My eyes are bleeding.

Carly said...

Oh my lord! I thought the bride was inappropriate...but then I saw her mom.