Friday, December 5, 2008

Fugly Fridays 1

Think of Fugly Fridays as Friends don't let friends wear/do this at their wedding. Of course, if the person making the questionable decision is not a close friend of yours, you do not have permission to question the bride to her face, nor do you have permission to publicly denounce her choices. You keep those thoughts to yourself or save them for a blog. That's what nice people do. We may not like those rules, but we are aware that we want to be nice people. And if we're ever in doubt, we try to read a little Emily Post or Miss Manners.

But if it's a close friend - tell her kindly but honestly why we are concerned about her choice. That's just what nice people do.

Consider that my rider.

So this is my first post on Fugly Fridays. I'll be honest, I don't know how long this post will last because I may run out of material. I've posted on ugly dresses here and here. After another couple posts, I may run out of ideas.

My aunt forwarded me an email with this dress in it: I was absolutely shocked, but was "lucky" enough to find it again on

Why didn't anyone tell this girl that her boobs were hanging out? Or did she not have any friends? Honestly, because if I had a friend who looked like this, I would at least try to tell her that she forgot to put on the top of her dress.

I thought this error must be so egregiously obvious that no one else could possibly have forgotten to wear a dress that covered her breasts?

But alas, I was mistaken. This poor girl also did not notice that either her boobs were hanging out or that she forgot to put the top of the dress on:
Dress also from

And hey, I just noticed that I'm over 100 posts: this is my 101st post. Wow, I have a lot to say. Or I just like to read my own thoughts. Either way!


Bridechka said...

Oh man! there is a whole lot of boob going on! I knew fugly fridays would not disappoint!

Congrats on over 1000 posts! Thats awesome!

AmyJean said...

Are those real weddings? I mean, don't you have a mom, sister, dad, or at least a friend who doesn't hate you that would tell you NOT TO BUY THIS!?!?! ... Oh man! so awful! lol

Krista said...

I have no way of proving or disproving if they're real. I don't know if checks its sources. I don't think I'll be verifying sources.

Oh, and Bridechka & AmyJean, I reversed the photos. I had put them in the wrong order.

But in the top photo, there is a woman (barely visible) who was in the picture my aunt sent me. She has a shocked look on her face. So I suspect it's real.

Carly said...

Congrats on 100 posts!!

Umm, yeah...maybe these brides wanted to break the ice and jump start lively conversation amongst their guests? That's my feeble attempt to be kind. :)

Honestly, this goes beyond a "what were you thinking?" moment. It's unsettling! hahaha

Bella said...
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Bella said...
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Bella said...

Unbelievable!!! Do they think they look good in those?! How tacky!!!

Krista said...

Maybe those two women paid for (ahem) certain amplifications, and felt the need to show off their investment.

There is a lack of coverage, isn't there? It really does look like the top of the dress was somehow cut off.

Paisley said...

HAHA I love this idea! I don't think you will ever run out o material though. There are too many fugly wedding things out there for that to happen!

Jest said...

Oh my!! Are you thinking of something similar for your wedding dress? Haha.

London bride said...

Thank-you for pointing me towards, it has now provided hours of amusement. These two are amazing, do they not feel the breeze, do their grooms not think that perhaps the rest of the wedding party may not want to see that much of their bride?! Lol!