Monday, December 15, 2008

Exhausting Saturday

On Saturday, I had 4 children over to bake, 2 will be our ring bearers (well, technically 1 ring bearer and 1 junior usher), and 2 will be our flower girls. The 2 boys are brothers (R and K) and the 2 girls are sisters (L and C).

You've already met R (11 years-old) and K (4-almost-5-years-old), sons of the best man. The girls are the daughters of a groomsman. L is a 7 year-old girly-girl who loves to dance, figure skate and wear pretty dresses. C is a 4 year-old sweetie who likes to follow her sister around. You can tell C will be less girly than L. Their daddy is hoping C will take up hockey because he says there's no way L will!

Now don't go thinking I was left all to myself! R and K's mommy was with me. And she had the foresight to bring a camera, although the batteries died after about 3 pictures. She's promised to email me those pictures to me! (My camera hasn't worked in months, and I've been too lazy to replace it. It's too old to fix - almost 4 years old means there's nothing to support the camera. Hmm, that's what Boxing Day sales are for.) But I digress.

Baking on Saturday was lots of fun. I do wish I had been a little better prepared, but it still worked out well. I wasn't feeling great on Friday, so I made sure to get rested up and feel better for Saturday, which meant that the Friday night prep-work I was going to do did not get done. Oh well, it worked out.

I had not officially asked any of the kids to participate in the wedding, though I know C and L's daddy told them. So I asked all the kids to participate.

I asked the K to be ring bearer and R to be a junior usher (and walk with K down the aisle). R is just growing like a weed, and I think R would feel like a little boy if we asked him to be a ring bearer. R would be much more happy having a bigger role. R then explained to his brother what the ring bearer does.

Then I asked L and C to be flower girls together. L was thrilled to wear a pretty dress, and knew what she was doing because a friend of hers had been a flower girl. C did not understand, but I explained that she would wear a pretty dress and walk before me down the aisle. C solemnly informed me that she already has a pretty dress she can wear, and it's black. I told her she might be able to get a new dress just for the occassion, but C told me she is happy with her black dress. I told her that she might grow out of her dress by then, so she might need a new dress anyway!

All in all, it was a fun day, and I can't wait to post a couple pictures of the delicious mess we made!


Jest said...

Haha. I love that she's already got her dress picked out. That's pretty cute. Wonder how she's going to feel about getting a new one..something tells me she won't be too upset.

Blablover5 said...

It's amazing how quickly little kids can wear you out. Especially when it comes to making things.

But they're so damn cute, so I guess it makes up for it.

It's a Snow Day in blog-o-land!

Rachel said...

You are a brave woman, inviting 4 kids over to your house to bake!!
But it sounds like it was lots of fun, and I'm glad you got a chance to actually ask them yourself!