Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Michael's Coupon Time!

You know you're going to use it. Drag along your fiancé, BFF and mother. Then you can use 4. Then go again tomorrow and again on Friday. Assuming everyone agreed to go with you everyday, that's 12 half-off items!

Note: I couldn't convince that many people to go that many times in that many days, unless I had something I really needed, and asked really nicely. Really nicely. And possibly bribed.


Blablover5 said...

I would have been all over those coupons for our spooky town but it seems like Michaels puts these out because they almost never have anything fun not on sale.


My Dream Ring said...

Wow nice! Thanks

Krista said...

Not so! They don't have the following on sale: vases, silk flowers, many scrapbooking supplies, some baking supplies (though every specifically "for" Christmas is on sale, the regular stuff is not).