Friday, July 3, 2009

Maid of Honour: Jocelyn

I did a "bridesmaid feature" on each of my three bridesmaids, Kristy, Crystal and Emily. But I never did a feature on Jocelyn, the best woman, aka the maid of honour.

Let me tell you about Jocelyn.

I have known her since grade 9. That would be September 1995. In many ways, we were (and still are) quite different. She is an only child, whereas I'm the oldest of 3. She didn't do sports or anything like that, which at that time seemed absolutely foreign to (I did organized sports such as baseball, swimming and figure skating). She had a job ... okay, a paper route, but that was pretty grown up when we were 14! She didn't even have a dog. Weird. :)

Later in university, her focus was on working so she didn't rely on her parents for her spending money. I worked, but I wasn't worried about avoiding financial assistance at all costs. If my parents could help me out, I would rather accept their help than get a loan. I don't know why, but it didn't bother me for my parents to help me out for school. (Within reason, of course.) So, yet another difference in our philosophies.

But it's not to say we're total opposites. We have similar values and similar goals We enjoy many of the same movies, and have similar tastes. So we're not cut out of completely different cloths.

Here's Jocelyn:

Jocelyn and I have had some ups and downs, grown apart and then grown back together. We've had sleepovers, visited each other at university, and became drinking buddies. Now we're usually coffee buddies (like yesterday morning). My, how things change. Not bad for a nearly 14 year relationship!

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