Thursday, July 30, 2009

Random post about comedy and parliament in Canada

I found an amazing video from one of my favourite comedian's posted on my friend Groomsmen Greg's blog (a home improvement blog about his and his girl-friend, my maid of honour, Jocelyn's house).

Rick Mercer is an incredibly smart man who satirizes Canadians, Americans, politicians and anyone & everyone else. This video contains a very real lesson on the Canadian parliament. It's about a year and a half old (as you'll see with the reference to George Bush as the U.S. President). Canadian comedians enjoy much more intimacy with our politicians than our American neighbours do. For example, would this ever happen in ths U.S.:

(Yes, it really happened to our current prime minister.)

Want proof this is the norm? Here's our former prime minister (when he was prime minister) announcing his retirement at a news conference, when a cast member from the same show as above intervenes:

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