Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What else went wrong?

Well, we arrived at the reception a few minutes late. About 15 minutes, I think, maybe a bit more. Anyway, I went to the washroom (which I'd figured out how to do at the church!) and had my mom help me bustle my dress.

Um ... the button for the bustle was missing.

It had been there when I put the dress on. But that's when I remembered: when I first sat in the car, I heard a pop. I thought it was the zipper or the button above the zipper or something like that. Now I realized: it had to be the bustle.

I figured - well, I guess the dress is going to get a lot more dirty than I anticipated. And I started to walk into the reception. That's when my mom said they'd find a way to fix it. I said something indicating I didn't care - let's go eat - but I was told we needed to fix it. (Okay, mom!)

There were a couple safety pins in the bathroom kit I'd made. Someone went to look for more safety pins. Out of nowhere (or so it seemed to me), the bar manager, the incredible Robin, appeared. Then left.

Robin disappeared for almost 5 minutes and returned to the dressing room (yes, the bathroom had a dressing room!) with safety pins. Mom & bar manager Robin to the rescue! She and my mom crawled under my dress to pin the lift the train to bustle it in place! It took another five minutes (at least - but it felt like forever) to get it pinned. And I just wanted to see everyone, have a drink & eat! But finally, it was done!

And I arrived to this scene:

Everyone was waiting for us to have dinner, and they're in the lobby drinking beer? WTF! (Just kidding!) To be honest, someone - Wade,maybe? - had asked if they could have a beer. I told them to go for it! I knew I'd be a couple minutes in the bathroom - I couldn't have known it'd be 15! So they had a good time just hanging out. I think I was asked if they could have a second beer (or was it actually the third? I hadn't been there for long, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was their third) while everyone found their seats. Sure, why not!

And then we walked into the reception! Pictures of the reception to come ...

All photos taken by Unveiled Photography.

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