Monday, February 16, 2009

Bridesmaid Feature: Crystal

In continuing with featuring our wedding party, slowly, I am following up with Bridesmaid Kristy by doing a feature on Bridesmaid Crystal!

I worked for a year contract doing health & safety for a big pharmaceutical company (at the time, the biggest in the world), at their manufacturing facility and quality laboratory in Small Town, Ontario.

During most of the time I worked for Big Pharma in Small Town, Ontario, I lived with Crystal in her gorgeous house. Just gorgeous. Crystal also worked for Big Pharma, doing some quality job. I forget her title, but she reviewed lab reports of lab tests to ensure the drugs were within the specified acceptable range. Let me tell you, there were no recalls when Crystal was on the job! I think most of her reports were for consumer products - lotion, mouthwash, hand sanitizer - so sometimes she got samples.

Crystal is from Cape Breton, a large island in the north of Nova Scotia. Cape Breton is known for its Scottish population, and there are lots of hints to the Scottish roots - including a college in which students speak gaelic!

This is a picture of Crystal and me at a barbecue / horseshoe tournament in July, 2007:

Crystal has since relocated from Small Town, Ontario to Big City Montreal. She now has a gorgeous loft condo instead of her gorgeous house. She is engaged to her high school sweetheart, Lawrence. She's a quiet girl, but lots of fun once you get to know her.


melissa said...

I love these features of your bridesmaid's your doing, great idea. (P.S. I also enjoy your rants too.)

Krista said...

Melissa - I put the "rant" in its own post, posted "1 minute earlier" than Crystal's post.

Cyd said...

Congratulations to Crystal! I'm sure it will be great for you girls to spend more time together again this spring!