Friday, February 6, 2009

Bridesmaid Feature: Kristy

Bridesmaid Kristy is a very sweet girl. She's everything you want to be yourself: kind, compassionate, smart, empathetic, caring ... and she's a doctor. She's currently doing a residency in pediatrics. Yes, she's going to be a children's doctor. During med school, she managed to go to the gym reguarly, volunteer in a children's cancer centre, participate in other social functions, and do her 60-80 hours a week (or whatever it is they work) in med school. Now she volunteers as a mentor for med students, participates in a charity that provides medical aid to children in third world countries (anti-malarial medicine, maybe?), goes to the gym and works her 60-80 hours a week.

Don't you just hate her? :) Then you meet her and realize you absolutely adore her. She's fun, loving and adores crafting and baking. I met her at the end of first year university (March or April 2001) and then lived with her for 3 years. I was a little more messy then (okay, a lot more messy), but she likes things to be kept very clean, so I drove her nuts a few times. Now that I'm less messy, I feel very bad for that.

The "deadline" for everyone to pick their bridesmaid dress and get sized was coming, so I sent a reminder email out. Kristy responds, saying: "I'm sorry that I haven't been responding to your e-mails in the past couple of weeks. Things have been busy as usual, but that's not really any excuse. [...] I feel like such a terrible friend/bridesmaid, and I totally understand if you're frustrated with me. If you decide that I'm too much trouble & you'd rather have one less bridesmaid, I understand." I promptly emailed her back and told her that she was being silly!

I am honoured that Kristy is going to stand up for me at my wedding, and I know we'll have lots of fun getting ready together!

Here's a picture of Wade, Kristy and me on Canada Day 2007:

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Krista said...

P.S. To all you ladies out there who are bridesmaids - don't worry if you miss out on parts of the wedding planning because you're a physician (or other career) working 60+ hours a week ... or live far away!

Remember, showers and bachelorettes are actually optional events for bridesmaids to attend. Most people don't know that.