Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The cake ... it's moving time!

Probably the weirdest challenge Cyd has ever had: she delivered my cake to the reception site!

I suspect Cyd was worried about this prospect. Did I care what happened to the cake? Not really! If there was a smudge in the icing or the whole thing fell off: I figured the cake could be smoothed out then hidden in a dark corner and no one would notice. Honestly, at any given wedding no one really cares about the cake except a small number of women (the bride being one of them). So as long as the cake got to the reception site, I was fine. And it's not like I had some Sylvia Weinstock or Wendy Kromer (Martha Stewart's go-to wedding cake bakers) creation. It was home-made, with a couple fake layers! Yes, only one layer was real! So I wasn't worried, even if I think Cyd was.

(Seriously, Cyd! You could have dropped it, had it covered with grass or dirt, picked out as much as the dirt as possible, smoothed out the icing as much as possible, put the cake on display in a corner, and I would not have cared. Although, I did love where the cake was displayed: everyone got to look at it.)

The pictures are once again courtesy of Unveiled Photography.

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The Professional Bridesmaid said...

I can totally picture in my head how slow the girls were moving with the cake. Did Cyd drive like a turtle?