Monday, July 27, 2009

Our to-do list

Do the following:
-Organize our unused `second living room` into a sitting room by:
-Removing futon sofa.
-Filling said sitting room with arm chairs or loveseat or something (to be acquired).
-And purchase a hutch or glass bookshelf or something in said sitting room to store wine glasses. And maybe china. (Yay, wedding gift money!)
-Install dish washer (requires re-organizing cupboards and acquiring hutch or bookshelf).
-Organize office into office-slash-spare room by putting futon in it (requires organizing office).
-Get new tv for living room (lower on the list).

And that`s exciting and overwhelming all at once!



Wow that's a pretty extensive to do list! And here I was thinking that things would get easier after the wedding. Thanks for opening up my eyes! lol

Oh and thx for the comment about the breathing exercises. I never did them b4. I've had an arrhythmia for years now but I definitely think that the stress of the wedding is aggravating it. I would love to hear any suggestions you have! Thx!!!

Rachel said...

Ha!! We really need to organize our office too - but it hasn't been done yet because it's kind of a daunting task. Scary would be more of a fitting description, actually.
I'd start with the hutch/glassed in shelving unit. From there, you will then have room for the dishwasher. Then work on the office. You can stick the futon in there for now and re-arrange later.
If you can't find a tall hutch or shelves that you like, you can always use a dresser or sideboard and hang shelves on the wall above it. They won't be glassed in, but the open shelves look is popular now - and that would be an less expensive alternative! ;-)