Thursday, July 30, 2009

Filling our bellies ...

Our masters of ceremonies (Rick & David) introduced each member of the wedding party in turn. You've already met them, so I'll spare you that again. Then my Aunt Linda said a lovely grace.

Then dinner was served. Dinner was delicious - an unbelievable four-course meal. We started with a cold peach soup. I had never had a cold soup before, let alone made with a fruit like peaches! It was delicious! Kinda like a thick, fresh applesauce, but with peaches instead of apples.

The cold peach soup was followed by a yummy salad course. It was a green salad with a cranberry-orange vinaigrette.

In the midst of these courses, there were two ways our guests could get us to kiss. They could solve a puzzle that was at their table or they could tell a (PG-13) joke.

We had some interesting jokes. Some groaners. Some silly jokes. Fourteen year-old Laura told a joke that I would definitely rate above PG-13. I can't remember it, but it was dirty! (Of course, the younger kids didn't get it at all, so it was okay.) I later found out her mother told her the joke, and she didn't get it. When she clued into what it meant (several minutes after she told it), she was mortified! Poor thing.

There were two puzzles per table. First, they had to unscramble a "clue". Then they had to use the clue to find the word, phrase or location. One thing unscrambled into "Kristas high school" (we didn't scramble in the apostrophe). Another one into "Wades high school". There were 3 clues that unscrambled into "where they went" (with hints with the first letter and the number of letters). Interestingly, at the start a bunch of people unscrambled the clue and solved the hint quickly, and then no one came up. (Hmm ... maybe the wine started to affect them.)

(Pictures courtesy of Unveiled Photography)

Then my Dad spoke. I'll be honest - I was nervous about this. I had no idea what he'd say, and was worried he'd stumble over his words ...

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The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Peach cool. I would love to try that. I like what you came up for the 'kissing' game.