Friday, July 10, 2009

I found a way to put a picture in my header!

Turns out blogger put in a new tool that makes it super easy to upload a picture for your header!

The picture in my header was taken by our photographer, Unveiled Photography. We are so happy with them. They took our engagement photos and will be doing our "day after photo shoot" this Sunday.

Oh, I never mentioned our upcoming day after photo shoot. Yep, we're doing it. I'd consider doing a "trash the dress" shoot, except I think I'm going to sell my dress in a couple months. I mean, it's not like I'm going to wear it again.

And speaking of once-worn dresses: have you ever read the dresses posted on Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses? A good website, to be sure. But have you you noticed how many women describe their used wedding dress with the phrase "only worn once" or "worn for only a few hours"? Seriously? Most women only wear their dress once for a few hours. How on earth is that a selling feature of a wedding dress?

Anyway, rant done!

And ... we have such a busy but fun week-end ahead of us. Tomorrow afternoon, we're going to Groomsman Dave's for lunch. I'm looking forward to seeing him, his wife Pamela and their baby Charlie. We haven't seen them since the day after the wedding, so I'm sure almost-5-month-old Charlie will be bigger and have new skills! Then, tomorrow evening we go to Best Man Ryan's house for his birthday. Ryan and his wife Corry just found out their baby is a girl, which their two sons are thrilled about. As am I! Tomorrow, Groomsman Dinger and his daughters are coming over for lunch, and we haven't seen the girls since the wedding (though we saw Dinger last week-end). Then I'm heading to a wedding shower with my mom later in the afternoon. And finally, our day after photo shoot in the evening.


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

GORGEOUS!!!! Have a wonderful time at your day after shoot.

Jess said...

Love the header picture!!

honey my heart said...

great header!! love the photo you chose :)

Margarita said...

Aww, love the pictures!! Can't wait to see more!

melissa said...

I love your new header pic! Can't wait to see more with your fancy car :)


ahhh i LOVE your new header! the pictures are amazing! so glad you had such a wonderful day :)