Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Getting Ready: At the hair salon!

We arrived at the hair salon at 9am. The five of us were booked with two stylists.

Maid Of Honour Joce sitting in the sylist's chair:

Maid Of Honour Joce mid-style:

Bridesmaid Crystal getting styled:

Bridesmaid Kristy getting her hair styled:

My hair:

Aren't I the show off?!

There are no pictures of Bridesmaid Emily getting her hair styled. All the pictures of her ended up blurry. I think she moved everytime her picture was taken. Or maybe I don't have steady photo-taking hands. Either way, I didn't think it was fair to put up a blurry picture of her!

The first stylist finished Jocelyn, Emily and I in less time than the other stylist did Kristy and Crystal. A lot less - about 45 minutes. I wasn't impressed with how much longer the other stylist took. Maybe the first stylist was really fast, so the other one seemed slow? I don't know. Kristy had soft curls put in her hair, which would take longer than most of the rest of our styles. But Crystal just wanted her hair styled the way she normally wear her hair, but with a little more pizzaz (of course). The stylist didn't think Crystal's hair would work - she said at Crystal's length, the hair wouldn't stay "straight" but would flip out. Except Crystal normally wears her hair straight and it doesn't really flip out. Anyway, hanging out at the hair salon put our getting ready plan a little bit behind time (less than 30 minutes) - but not catch-up-able! I just would have liked that "relax" time that I'd built into getting ready. Alas, it was not to be!

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The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Oooh. Recaps are starting! This is very exciting. Happy Canada Day Krista!