Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Toss Up

There is the tradition of tossing rice at the bride & groom as they leave the church. This is to ensure their fertility, according to the ancient Roman traditions from which this tradition arose. Well, not too many people hope the rice imparts children on the couple, but it is a fun tradition.

However, tossing rice is not as popular as it once was, due to concerns that if birds eat the rice, the rice may expand in their stomach, causing the bird to explode. This myth is, evidently, false, according to the website "". (For the whole article, visit:

At one time, confetti became a substitute, but the paper isn't exactly eco-friendly. Because of the mess confetti and rice creates in front of the church, most churches ban the tossing of rice or confetti. So bird seed became another option! Not too appealing though:

Bubbles have become very popular. After all, it's just a tiny bit of soap! But it can stain clothing, such as wedding dresses. Oh dear.

Sparklers are a very picturesque option, but this is mainly used for the exit at the end of the reception: they wouldn't be very bright during the daytime! Didn't you love playing with sparklers and writing your name as a kid? Who am I kidding: I still love it!

In my attempts to find another option, I came across this charming option of "ribbon wands". Who wouldn't want to be a princess with a ribbon wand?! Oh yeah, except that it does generate waste. Maybe if I can find a way to re-use the ribbon wands, I can justify their use ... I'll have to think about that.

Oh, the decisions ... or do I have to have any of these options when leaving the church? Another possibility ...

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