Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fun With Accessories

When do normal people get to wear luxurious (or even over-the-top) accessories? I mean, really, other than playing dress-up as a little girl, I've never worn a tiara. And how often do I wear crystal and pearl necklaces?

I think most of the world does not get to do these fun things. Some girls occassionally wear tiaras to their prom or formal, but other than that, the only other day is your wedding day.

When you get a chance to wear wear gorgeous necklaces like this, you take it! Marquis necklace

Find any excuse to wear this necklace. Today's excuse: Grey's Anatomy is on! Astoria

Wouldn't this necklace look stunning with a strapless gown? Vega

How gorgeous!

Speaking of crystal studded accessories for the bride, how about tiaras? I think we should all wear tiaras more often. I think I could find, somewhere in my day-to-day life, a reason to wear something like this: Fiona headband

And wouldn't I just look divine doing housekeeping in this? Orla headband

Or how about wearing this to Starbucks? Rosemary haircomb

Personally, I don't think we wear tiaras enough!

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