Monday, October 20, 2008


Our photographers are a husband and wife team, Katie & Steven, of Unveiled Photography. There are so many benefits to having two photographers! When we were initially looking at photographers, I had my short list of about 4 local photographers, including Unveiled Photography. Then friends of our mentioned that Unveiled Photography were their wedding photographers, and they were thrilled with the results. We were sold. We didn't even ask Katie & Steven for references - we already had a glowing review from friends of ours!

As part of our photographers' package, an engagement session is included. I didn't initially want an engagement session, but they gave some very good reasons for getting one. In their opinion, an engagement session allows the photographers to learn how we photograph before our wedding. Plus, as Katie mentioned, if we love another season, we get can professional pictures in that season. I was sold at that point!

Many people love the fall. For many people, it's their favourite time of year. Many people get married in the fall. Many spring/summer brides get fall engagement sessions. But I'm not like most people. The fall initially depresses me: it's the end of the summer, the days are getting shorter, and it gets colder.

Once autumn has actually arrived (there is not a hint of summer), I love the warm autumn days, the crisp nights, the colourful scenery, eating fresh apples and enjoying apple cider. But the initial depression I always get at the end of summer / start of the fall always bums me out.

I also love the winter. I love the beautiful light that is reflected off the evening snow. I even love winter weddings! We got engaged in December of last year, on December 15th, so let's have a winter wonderland engagement session!

Click here for images of our photographers' recent engagement sessions.


Krista said...

Sorry I haven't always responded to comments quickly. I have changed my settings so that I'm now notified if someone comments. I'll try to be better about responding to comments now!

Carly said...

Your photographers' take such awesome pictures! Very pretty and creative shots. I would love a winter engagement shoot - the chance to wear a fun coat with mittens and get some pictures with a snowy background! Sigh. I miss the seasons (L.A. doesn't have "real" seasons!)

Krista said...

Yeah, seasons are great. Except when you have to shovel snow. Then, not so much! :)

The Pissed Off Bride said...

Very nice pictures!

Your pictures aregoing to come out great! My photographers (also a hubby and wife team) said the same thing about getting to know how we photograph before the big day. Makes sense.

Krista said...

I hope that our pics come out well!

Cyd said...

We just had our engagement session last week, it was also included in our package, and it was so much fun! I can't wait to see our pictures. We opted for a fall engagement session to add some contrast to our wedding pictures - we're getting married in the height of summer, so why not have our engagement photos in the height of fall so we have beautiful photos full of green and beautiful photos full of fall foliage.