Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I have puppies on my mind. These gorgeous babies are all available for rescue from shelters and foster homes.

Callie the pomeranian (she looks like a mix between my belated Tippy and my parent's Yogi)

Buddy the lhasa apso (my first dog, Chu Chu, was a honey-coloured lhasa apso)

Molly the miniature australian shepherd (isn't she adorable?!)

Pam the shih tzu - poodle mix (somehow the abbreviation for this breed doesn't seem right!)

Chelsea and Angel the shih tzu sisters

Animals from puppy mills are commonly sold in pet stores. Why support a puppy mill when you can rescue an animal in need!


Carly said...

Yay puppies! You must've read my mind because I was going to do a post about giving to pet charities. Think I'll get busy with writing that post. Such cute pictures!!

The Pissed Off Bride said...

I totally agree.

I wanted a puppy until i realized how much work they were!

The fiance and I took a couple trips to the shelters and decided it's best to wait a while.

Krista said...

The slightly older puppies (6 months - 18 months) are less work than young puppies. And if you get an adult (and there are lots of senior dogs in need of love), it's even less work, provided they've been trained.
I have been surprised to find out how many adult dogs are available because their elderly owner is ill or has died. The dog is trained but lonely.

That being said, you're absolutely right to make sure you're ready to get a pet! Adult dogs may be less work, but they still require a commitment.

Krista said...

Oh yeah, and I'm trying to convince Wade it's time to get a dog. I will be mostly working from home the next 2 months, so it would be the perfect time to socialize a dog. I love dogs, and both of us grew up around dogs.