Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tables Numbers (aka minutia)

And this post is about some of the many, many wedding details that don't really matter. Let's be honest here: does it matter how I number or name the tables? In the grand scheme of things, not so much. Shh ... don't tell that to a bride planning her tables!

So let's review the options for numbering and naming tables, and discuss out options. The most obvious, and simplest, option is just numbering.

Numbers are nice and easy to find where you will be seated:

However, guests must still find out at which table number they are assigned. The traditional manner is through "escort cards". Inside these cards indicates your table number! Easy breezy, right? Well, these cards can be quite time consuming to make, depending on the design. If thoughtfully designed, however, the escort card display can complement the reception decor, and maybe even be a focal point.

And aren't these escort card displays so chic and so worth the effort?!
Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

A lot of couples, to save money (understandably), post the guests on a single board, organized by table number. This is an economical option, but it is somewhat embarrassing when you realize you're seated at table number last. That's happened to me a couple times, and though (deep down) I know it doesn't mean anything, it's kinda like being picked last for the schoolyard baseball game. I will avoid this option if I can, because I didn't like being picked last!

Another new and fun option is to name the tables by themes. Some couples do streets on which they've lived: Johnson, Lincoln, Muirfield, Unity, etc. Some couples pick places they've visited together: London, Vienna, Toronto, Ottawa, etc. The downside, however, is that it can be difficult to find the table, because you pretty much have to go up to each table until you find yours. It's not like a big number sticking out!

I have to say, the animal themed tables for this reception dinner at Disney's Animal Kingdom is so cute. And I do like giraffes!
Source: A Diseny Bride Blog

So now I have to make this seemingly meaningless decision.

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