Friday, October 10, 2008

How do I love thee? ...

No, I'm not referring my fiancé (though I do love him, too).

I love thee, Martha Stewart, let me count the way! I love your Weddings magazine. I love your website, even if it is slow. I love your show, with craft ideas, fashion shows, crafts, flower arranging, and almost everything else. Even if I won't use 95-99% of the ideas, I love knowing that I could ! Most of them are do-able by the average person, or even by me!

What I don't love is how my Martha Stewart Weddings can't find its way to me!

I subscribed after swooning over the magazines, and buying 2 or 3 in a row. I realized that if I'm going to continue to buy the magazines, I should take advantage of the savings by subscribing! Plus, I believe I got an email from Martha (okay, someone on her team, but I like to pretend she sent it personally) with a link to her website's subscription form.

My first edition was expedited to me. It was the spring edition. And I couldn't believe it! Oh so exciting!

My second edition, the summer edition, did not arrive as I had hoped it would. I waited and waited, thinking it ought to have arrived. I excitedly went to the mailbox, day after day, only to be disappointed, day after day. It broke my heart! A couple weeks after first seeing the magazines at Chapters and at Loblaws, I decided to call and ask if it had been sent. When I called, a charming young man informed me that the magazine had, in fact, been sent weeks ago. He offered to send a replacement magazine. Oh joy! It arrived several days later, and I was so very thrilled!

Now that it is officially the fall, I have been waiting for the magazine. My heart was hurt, but not broken, by the disappointment of the late summer arrival. However, when I saw the magazine at Chapters on Wednesday, I knew my magazine went missing. Again.

I called tonight, and was informed that it should have arrived early this week, but it's still to early to send a replacement magazine. I understand that we have to give it a few days. But why, oh why, does my heart get hurt again? I love thee, Martha Stewart Weddings, why don't you love me back?!

Click here to check out the goodness that is Martha Stewart Weddings:


Krista said...

... And yes, I know it's silly to get so hung up on "just" a magazine. But it's such a guilty pleasure! :)

Amy@Fiancé Meeting You Here said...

I think it's adorable that you called! I look forward to getting my magazines too! It's such a great way to unwind after a long day! I just watched Martha's Thanksgiving Special on Fine Living-she's such a gem!

Krista said...

If I hadn't called, I'd have never received it!

The fall one ended up being about 4weeks late, too. I had to call twice about it. But now I am loving it!