Monday, October 13, 2008

I (heart) sparkles

This dress has been blogged about in a few other wedding blogs, but I just couldn't pass it up! Bride Kelly Devoto decided to wear the dress she wanted to wear. It happened to be a prom dress. It happened to be a bright blue and purple dress. It happened to be sparkly and sequined. It happened to be stunning on her!

This wedding dress may not be the conventional dress, but it's definitely her dress.

Source: Offbeat Bride


Cyd said...

I'm telling you what, I would rock that in a light gold or champagne in a heart beat on my wedding day. Yes, please!

Oooo....or it just struck me. How fabulous would it look in a dark midnight blue with all of the silver sequins and beads?

Krista said...

Absolutely! Gold, champagne, dark blue, it all sounds good to me!