Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gimme a head with hair ...

Another detail that does not directly contribute to the wedding (the wedding being the exchange of vows and the marriage commitment). And yet it's so fun to think about.


I love, luve, looooooooooove getting my hair done. For anything or for any reason. I especially love updos. I love the way I look in updos. I love their formality. I love their grace. I love their style. I don't often have my hair styled into an updo, but my hair, which is medium-long, does well in updos.

Should I get an updo for my wedding day?

They do secure the veil nicely:
So beautiful!

On the other hand, a structured and styled "down-do" can be verrrrry flattering:
My hair doesn't grow this long (ever) but if it did, the debate would be over!

But updos can give you a very stylized silhouette:

A beautifully structured "downdo" is so flowing and romatic. My hair doesn't get as long as the above model's hair, and I'm not thrilled by the idea of hair extensions. Could my medium-long hair even look this good? And if it does, will my hair maintain this flowing shape all day? I would hate for my hair to lose its volume and lie flat by the cake cutting.

An updo is stylized and graceful. I love the look of updos, but I don't necessarily love taking them out at the end of the day. And I don't usually have my hair styled on a daily basis. Do I want an updo just to "hold" the veil in place? Or do I actually want an updo? Do I want such a structured style all day? I would hate to spend half an hour taking out 40 bobby pins at the end of the night.

Oh, the decisions. I clearly have a hard life.

(All pictures from theknot)


Amy@Fiancé Meeting You Here said...

I have that last one saved too! I love how it's full but still messy at the same time! So pretty!

Krista said...

I saw that on your blog! I think it's great!