Friday, February 27, 2009

More thrifty jewellery options!

Remember my post on crystal engagement rings? These rings, costing a couple hundred dollars, have been usurped by Marks & Spender in the UK:

Can you believe - £18 (about $50 Canadian) for a tin and platinum-plated with crystals and an undisclosed fake diamond (presumably cubic zirconia, but who knows) engagement ring and wedding band set? The only problem I would have is I don't know how sturdy tin is. But if it lasts as well as gold or solid platinum, then why not? Upgrade when you can afford it ... or not at all ... whatever you want!

Thanks are owed to The Professional Bridesmaid for doing the intel and sharing this story with me!

(I will post on the blog award I've recently been nominated for. I thank you so much for the nomination, and will respond on Sunday or Monday).


Jess said...

I think this is actually a really nice looking ring. I know some people may think it's "cheap" but I understand why someone would buy a ring like this. Why pay thousands of dollars for a ring? Isn't it better to spend that money on the ceremony, the honeymoon, the rest of your life together? That's my though. (Unless it turns your finger green, or something. Then...yes, it is cheap!)

Mo said...

Wow these actually look real--and according to currency converter, that's 26 USD! We had a tough time finding something within our budget, so I totally see how this is an attractive option for the couple who wants something affordable that looks like the real deal.