Thursday, February 26, 2009

(I just had to show you my countdown)

(Click image to see a bigger version)


Jenny said...

Isn't it exciting?!! I have 65 days left! I can't believe it..

jane in the waiting line said...

how exciting! happy 100 days to go!

EliandMe said...

Oooooh 100 days! I love the fact you have 99 things left to do on your 'to do' list and 1 done. It says something very similar if I log on to the Knot (actually I think it says 1oo things to do, 0 done). But The Knot to do list is hilarious anyway. What's that, I really must be booking my calligrapher right now? Whatever.

Wedding Corner said...

How exciting!!!
100 days only.

Funny I noticed the same thing EliandMe did. My “The Knot to do list” is pretty much like that:0 done.


Cyd said...

EXCITING! But now that you are in double digits my double digit day isn't too far off, which is a wee bit mind boggling, I must admit!